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Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia 2019

Over one million Medicare beneficiaries live in this state, and CMS expects about 31 percent to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia for 2019 during open enrollment. While more people compare Medicare Advantage plans every year, some beneficiaries will choose to buy Medigap policies or use other types of coverage that work with Medicare. The majority of Virginia Medicare beneficiaries find some way to enhance their benefits because of the bills that Part A and B do not cover.

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Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019 – Top Companies

Even seniors and disabled people who already belong to Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia should make a plan comparison in 2019 just to confirm it’s still your best choice going into next year. While there are no significant changes planned, each insurer seems to alter their options each year. Small changes in health provider networks, drug coverage or rates may have a major impact on some individuals.

As the Medicare Advantage plan system has matured, people in some Virginia counties might notice that they have much fewer options than before. The average beneficiary could choose from about 40 five years ago, but that same individual today may have only 20 Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia from which to choose in 2019. In fact, the two largest US Medicare insurers have about 40 percent of the membership right now.

Top Medicare Advantage Plan Options in Virginia for 2019:

While the average number of plan choices has decreased, so has the number of Medicare Advantage plan HMOs with zero monthly premiums. HMOs will still be popular, with over 60 percent of all Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia for 2019, but many will come with modest premiums. People who are concerned about the restrictions imposed by HMO networks might consider PPOs because they allow members to pay more for covered services from non-network health providers.

For even more freedom from network restrictions, seniors may consider Medicare supplement insurance. While Virginia Medigap policies always have premiums and never include Part D, they could help some beneficiaries to enjoy greater freedom to choose their own doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

Largets Areas with Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia

  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • Arlington, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Newport News, VA

Compare the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019

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