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Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019

Out of over 117,000 Medicare beneficiaries in this state, the government expects about one in three to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans in Vermont for 2019. In fact, U.S. Medicare Advantage enrollment has increased by about a million people in the last few years, and this trend is expected to continue. Even people who already have plans for 2019 should take the time to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Vermont. While no substantial changes are expected for the overall system, programs seem to vary their rates, benefits, the network of medical providers, and drug coverage each year.

If you have no idea how to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Vermont, we are here to help. Just select your home state from the quote box on the page. After that, you can click any of the offers for details, quotes, and contact information.

Best Companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019

There are some interesting trends to note that will probably continue in 2019.  Vermont Medicare Advantage plan enrollment will keep increasing. At the same time, the number of choices of insurance companies and policy options keeps decreasing in most service areas. For example, these Vermont insurance companies are expected to compete for the majority of plan members:

The fact that there are fewer plan choices is not completely negative. One common complaint about the system was that there were so many choices it was very difficult for consumers to figure out which Medicare Advantage plan in Vermont would be the best for their own needs in 2019. Also, insurers are getting pressured to provide quality, and the good news is that the percentage of members in plans with good ratings has increased recently.

For example, the number of beneficiaries that joined Medicare Part C plans with a rating of at least four stars has climbed to over 60 percent. In 2013, the percentage was under 40 percent. Also, over 60 percent of plan members are expected to join an HMO Medicare Advantage plan in Vermont for 2019, but the number of no monthly premium HMO plans will decrease. It seems as if Vermont insurers and plan members are choosing quality over zero monthly premiums. Besides HMOs, insurers will continue to offer some PPOs in order to give some beneficiaries more choices and freedom to use their plans outside of the provider network.

People who don’t care to worry about a network at all might consider Medicare supplement insurance. While Medigap policies always have premiums, they also don’t have networks to worry about. This gives some seniors more freedom to pick their own doctors and hospitals.

Larger cities will be the focus of most Medicare Advantage plans in Vermont for 2019:

  • Burlington,  VT
  • South Burlington, VT
  • Colchester, VT
  • Rutland, VT
  • Essex Junction, VT

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019

It’s hard for some Medicare beneficiaries to know where to turn for help when they need to find the best Medicare Advantage plans. In order to help, we offer a simple online quote system. All you have to do is select Vermont from the quote box to begin.  Also, it’s worth taking the time to speak with one of our Medicare Specialist as they can help you sort through the details of all Vermont Medicare Advantage plans for 2019.  They can also help you apply for your program of choice right over the phone if you’d like.