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Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019

During open enrollment, about one-third of the 300,000 local Medicare recipients will have a chance to review Medicare Advantage plans in Utah for 2019. Some of these seniors and disabled people are new to Medicare, but others are already enrolled in programs and will want to be sure that last year’s choices can still serve them well.

You can use our online quote system to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Utah for 2019 and Part D in 2019. To get started, select your state from the quote box, submit the form, and request you plan options. Select any of the offers to get more information, quotes, and contact details.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019

One thing to note is that Advantage enrollment is mostly concentrated in the biggest companies. For example,  Humana account for a large percentage of all members. This trend will probably get more pronounced in 2019 as the number of Medicare Advantage plans in Utah for each county keeps getting smaller. That is not entirely bad news because Medicare and consumers are putting more pressure on insurers to keep quality high, so there should be more four- and five-star rated plans to choose from in each Utah county.

Top Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019

Most Utah plan members are expected to opt for HMOs because this type of program tends to have lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs. However, PPOs still have a share of the market because they are more flexible. With HMOs, members that have a Medicare Advantage plan in Utah for 2019 have to seek almost all covered treatment within the network. With PPOs, members can pay more to visit doctors outside of the network and don’t need to get a referral to have a visit to a specialist covered by their insurance.

While rates are expected to remain modest, Utah Medicare beneficiaries might find fewer no monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans in Utah. Again, insurers are beginning to emphasize quality over zero monthly premiums because of government incentives and members’ preferences.

An alternative to Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement insurance, is still a common choice. While about one-third of beneficiaries might join Advantage in 2019, over one-fifth buy a Medigap policy. A comparison between supplements and Part C might be surprising. Even though supplements cost more, the robust benefits may save some seniors money and will certainly offer more flexibility. Supplements don’t use networks, but most Utah Medicare Advantage plans do.

Most choices for 2019 in these bigger Utah cities:

Salt Lake City, UT
West Valley City, UT
Provo, UT
West Jordan, UT
Sandy Hills, UT

How to Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019 Online

Comparing local Medicare Advantage companies doesn’t have to be difficult. You can begin by choosing Utah in our quote box.  Also, we recommend taking a few minutes to speak to one of our Medicare Specialists to ensure you fully understand the information you’re reviewing.  We’re here to help you find the best Medicare Advantage plan in Utah, Medicare supplement plan, or Medicare Prescription drug plan for 2019.