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Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

Over 1.1 million Medicare recipients from Memphis to Knoxville may have some good news to look forward to as they consider Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee for 2019. Medicare Advantage plans have gotten a lot more attention lately as the government, insurance companies, and consumers have started focusing heavily on the quality of their healthcare services. While no dramatic changes are scheduled for 2019, it is a good idea to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee every year because some small changes that insurers make could have a significant impact on an individual’s satisfaction.

If you need help comparing Medicare Advantage plans in TN for 2019, we’d like to invite you to use our quick and straightforward online form. You only need to supply the quote form with your state to begin.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

In many counties, there will probably be fewer plans to select from than there have been in previous years. Expect the larger insurers to earn the greatest share of the market in 2019. In most areas of Tennessee, these national and more major regional companies will probably be very visible:

  • HumanaChoice

  • Care Improvement Plus

  • Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage

  • Aetna Medicare Select

  • Anthem

  • Day Break HMO

  • Optimum Gold Rewards Plan

  • Humana Gold Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Freedom Savings Plan

  • WellCare Advance

Even though rates are expected to remain affordable next year, fewer HMOs may be offered with no monthly premium, partly due to rising prices and partly because of a greater emphasis on quality over quantity. However, one distinct advantage of this approach is that a majority of Medicare beneficiaries can expect to join a Medicare Advantage plan Tennessee for 2019 that have earned at least a four- or five-star rating on Medicare’s rating system.

About 31 percent of Tennessee beneficiaries are expected to join a Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO, but over 20 percent of recipients are expected to purchase Medicare supplement insurance instead. These two kinds of health insurance both help enhance benefits, but they work differently. While Medicare Advantage plans replace Part A and B, Medigap policies fill in the gaps for things that Part A and B don’t cover or don’t cover.

Are Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019 Your Best Option?

While many senior citizens like the idea of finding a small or zero monthly premium Medicare Advantage plan in Tennessee, the fact that some Medicare supplement plans provide incredibly rich benefits may save some beneficiaries money. That is especially so for those who need to use a lot of covered services. It’s important to make a comparison of both types of Medicare insurance as well as to compare different plan options for each type.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

Even within the state, people will find that they have different choices in different markets. The biggest cities in Tennessee will most likely offer the largest range of options:

Memphis, TN
New South Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
Knoxville, TN
Chattanooga, TN

One of the most difficult things about having Medicare is simply getting help to choose the right plan. Good choices may depend upon health needs, local provider networks, and budgets. To get immediate Medicare Advantage plan quotes in Tennessee for 2019, all you have to do is select your state from the quote box on this page. If you would prefer to speak with a Medicare Specialist on the phone, give us a call using the toll-free number on this page.  We look forward to helping you find the best option for 2019!