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Medicare Advantage Plans in South Carolina 2019

Quality will probably be the focus of Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina for 2019. As you compare Medicare Advantage plans during open enrollment, you will probably notice that there are fewer choices in each county. However, the remaining plans are also likely to be of a better quality. Even as the number of plans will drop in some counties, the options that will remain will probably be of a better quality than they have been in the past.

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Top Providers offering Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina for 2019

In the coming year, Medicare expects the percentage of South Carolina Medicare beneficiaries who select a Medicare Advantage plan to increase. At the same time, the number of insurers and plans offered in each area might decline. These bigger companies are expected to be the most visible ones in this state:

While local HMOs are expected to remain the most popular choice among Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina, some people will turn to PPOs to gain more flexibility for 2019. Either way, expect fewer zero monthly premium options as companies concentrate on improving quality as the Medicare five-star ratings become more important to plan members. As insurers offer more quality options, expect the total number of Medicare Advantage plans for each county to decline.

Some beneficiaries that have a Medicare Advantage plan in South Carolina for 2019, might prefer switching to Medigap for 2019. Medicare supplement insurance usually costs more than Advantage and never comes with Part D. However, these policies don’t rely upon networks as PPOs and HMOs do, so they may be attractive to folks who would rather have more options available when they need to visit a doctor or specialist.

In the larger cities, expect slightly higher rates but more choices of Medicare Advantage insurance companies, different plans, and plan providers. These are the cities Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina for 2019 will probably be centered in for 2019:

  • Columbia, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • North Charleston, SC
  • Mt Pleasant, SC
  • Rock Hill, SC
  • Greenville, SC

Best Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina for 2019

While some beneficiaries still want to find no monthly premium Medicare Part C plans, others will be more interested in paying a premium to get better benefits. We can’t offer one right choice for everybody, but we can provide an easy way to gather information about Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina for 2019.

To get your quick comparison, just select your state from the quote box, submit the form, and get started. If you are interested, you’re also welcome to call us directly to speak to one of our Senior Specialists. ¬†Whatever your preference, we’re here to help!