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North Dakota Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

Almost 100,000 residents of this Midwest US state qualify for Medicare health benefits. However, Part A and B of original Medicare won’t cover all medical expenses. That’s why about 30,000 of these beneficiaries are expected to try to maximize their benefits by joining Medicare Advantage plans in North Dakota for 2019.

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Medicare Advantage Plans in North Dakota 2019 – Best Plans

As you compare your options, you will probably notice that there are fewer plans than there were a few years ago. Also, more Medicare Advantage plans in North Dakota for 2019 come with a modest monthly premium and have earned high ratings from Medicare’s rating system. There is now more pressure on insurance companies to offer quality programs than to provide a large number of zero monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans.

While some beneficiaries might miss having more choices, this news is good because insurers are beginning to emphasize quality plans over no monthly premium plans. On top of that, premium rates are expected to remain modest.

As the number of North Dakota Medicare Advantage plans shrinks in 2019, fewer insurers are entering the market, and the biggest companies will take over much of the market. In most North Dakota counties, expect to see offers from one or more of these plans:

Pressure from rising payments and only slightly larger Medicare payments may cause some HMO and PPO provider networks to shrink again. While some no monthly premium HMOs do a good job of controlling costs, there are still plenty of North Dakota beneficiaries who would rather pay a premium to enjoy more flexibility to pick their health providers.

More flexible options in PPO Medicare Advantage plans in North Dakota for 2019. PPOs are similar to HMOs, but they allow members to pay more to access out-of-network services that are still covered. Medicare supplement insurance doesn’t use a provider network at all and is usually good anywhere that Medicare is accepted.

Folks who tend to stay at home and live in a city with an excellent network might be perfectly happy with a local HMO.

These larger cities in North Dakota are expected to have the most Medicare Advantage plans in North Dakota for both plans and plan networks in 2019:

  • Fargo
  • Bismarck
  • Grand Forks
  • Minot
  • West Fargo
  • Mandan

Compare the Best North Dakota Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

Medicare Part C plans change slightly almost every year. Changes could include benefits, prescription drug coverage, provider networks, or monthly premiums. To stay on top of changes, we can help you make an online comparison for Medicare Advantage plans in North Dakota for 2019. Just pick your state from the box on this web page to begin shopping online. Also, it’s never a bad idea to enlist the help of a Medicare specialist.  If interested, give us a call today to get started.