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Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico for 2019

In the “Land of Enchantment,” about 372,000 folks depend upon Medicare health benefits. The majority of these seniors and disabled people know that Medicare Part A and B help but don’t pay all medical bills. According to Medicare predictions, over 100,000 resident beneficiaries will sign up for Medicare Advantage plans in New Mexico for 2019. Almost another 100,000 might buy Medigap policies. The majority of the rest will rely on some other private or public health insurance to enhance Medicare benefits.

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Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico for 2019

Medicare doesn’t plan any significant changes for next year, and a small payment increase was even approved for 2019. However, New Mexico beneficiaries should be aware of some less visible differences that are bound to carry into next year and the years after.

Because insurance companies and consumers are paying more attention to Medicare’s five-star ratings, expect to see a greater percentage of Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico with ratings that are above average or better. At the same time, economic pressure might reduce the number of zero monthly premium HMO options. Overall, there are expected to be fewer plans in each county for 2019. That isn’t entirely a bad thing because part of this is due to some low-rating plans being discontinued.

The emphasis will still be on HMOs because they control costs better, but PPO plans will continue to be offered. Even though HMOs offer the maximum benefits at lower rates, PPO Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico allow members to get covered services outside of the plan provider network and see specialists without referrals.

As the number of plans shrinks, expect to see most New Mexico plans to come from these big insurance companies:

Since it’s a state with a large number of retirees, residents of these big metro areas are still likely to have more choices of both Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico and plan networks for 2019:

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Rio Rancho, NM
  • Enchanted Hills, NM
  • Santa Fe, NM

While small and no monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans attract many beneficiaries, Medicare supplement insurance should still be considered when new Medicare beneficiaries are comparison shopping for health insurance. The most robust supplements can reduce or even eliminate most medical bills. Also, supplements don’t depend upon a network as most Part C plans do.

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