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Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire 2019

Just about 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries live in the Granite State. Out of this population of seniors and disabled residents, about one in three are expected to join Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019. Alternately, more than one in four will either purchase or renew Medicare supplement insurance. Most of the rest have access to other private or public coverage.

How can you compare Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019 or Part D? All you have to do is pick your state from the quote box on this page to get started.  You will have a chance to compare available options, but you can also call with questions.

Best Companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019

New Hampshire is a relatively small state, but quite a few major insurance companies compete for business here. The largest ones include the following:

Some changes expected for next year include fewer no monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire, more emphasis on four- and five-star rated options and fewer choices in most areas. Even if there are fewer choices, having better choices may be a good thing for the average beneficiary. While there are likely to be a smaller number of zero monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans, the rates are expected to remain very modest.

Of course, anyone considering Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019 should also look into Medigap policies. These come in several different standard plan levels, always have a premium and never include Part D. However, many policyholders enjoy deeper benefits and freedom from network restrictions when they buy a supplement. That might be particularly important for people who make a lot of health claims or plan to travel outside of their coverage area frequently.

Frankly, some New Hampshire counties will offer more Medicare Advantage plan choices than others.

These larger cities will probably provide the most 2019 options:

  • Manchester
  • Nashua
  • Concord
  • East Concord
  • Derry Village
  • Dover

People who live in rural areas and small towns are likely to have fewer choices for insurance companies, types of Medicare Advantage plan coverage and HMO or PPO networks. That might be an increasing concern as insurers leave some areas and provider networks shrink.

Finding the Best Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019

For some New Hampshire beneficiaries, a non-monthly Medicare Part C plan might be the right choice. For others, a robust and relatively expensive Medicare supplement will provide better coverage and help them save money. To help many beneficiaries shop for affordable Medicare insurance that provides excellent coverage, we offer fast and straightforward online quotes for Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire.

To use our quote request form, you just need to pick New Hampshire in the box on top of the page. Also, you can call us directly using the toll-free number listed on this page.  Our Medicare specialists are ready to guide you through the process of finding the right plans.