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2018 Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

About 1.5 million residents of the Great Lakes State qualify for Medicare benefits. Of these, about half a million are expected to join 2018 Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan. Most of the rest buy Medigap or have some other coverage to enhance their benefits.

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2018 Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

While no significant changes are expected to the system, several smaller changes may make a difference for hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries in this state. The biggest thing to pay attention to might be the general trend of fewer Michigan Medicare Advantage plans to choose from in each area and increasing enrollment in the programs that are left for 2018.

As the number of local plans contract, these major insurers are expected to take most of the 2018 Medicare insurance business in Michigan:

Humana Choice Medicare Advantage Plans
Paramount Elite
Hap Senior Plus

Medicare has also reported a trend of an increasing number of four- and five-star plans and fewer plans with average and below ratings. It only makes sense that more people would choose to join 2018 Michigan Medicare Advantage plans that earn better ratings for customer service, health outcomes, and so on. These ratings may change from year to year, and they are critical to insurance companies and consumers.

While it won’t be impossible to find zero monthly premium HMO Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan for 2018, the number has been decreasing recently. Insurers may feel more pressure to keep ratings and benefits high than to maintain premiums low. Even though there might be fewer no monthly premium Part C plans, rates are still expected to remain modest.

Although more beneficiaries are choosing Medicare Advantage plans, about one in five still decide to buy Medicare supplement insurance in 2018. One attraction might be the fact that supplement owners don’t need to worry about provider networks and have more choices of specialists. Of course, Michigan Medigap policies always have a premium and don’t ever come bundled with Part D.

Even within the state, residents of different cities will have different choices of policies and provider networks.

These big metro areas in Detroit, Michigan are expected to be the focus of most Medicare Advantage plan insurers for 2018:

Grand Rapids
Sterling Heights

The point here is that a resident of Lansing, for example, might find a larger provider network than a resident of a rural area. On the other hand, rates are likely to be higher in bigger cities.

Online Comparisons of the Best 2018 Michigan Medicare Advantage Plans

One of the most difficult things about using Medicare benefits is finding the right way to enhance benefits. Even though Part A and B pay many medical bills, they don’t cover everything. That is why most folks don’t just rely upon original Medicare.

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