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Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine for 2019

The approximately quarter of a million Medicare recipients in the Pine Tree State usually decide to enhance their Medicare benefits with some other kind of coverage. For about one in three, this means comparing Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019. Most of the rest will choose to buy Medicare supplement insurance or have some other kind of coverage to rely upon. Even though primary Medicare benefits are relatively broad, they also include copays, deductibles, and co-insurance. These means that beneficiaries could risk having high bills if they do get sick and don’t have extra coverage.

Do you need a fast way to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019? Since plans are marketed by location, the easiest way to view local options is to choose your state from the form on this page.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine for 2019 – Companie Options

In Maine, most Medicare Advantage plans will be offered by these larger insurers:

Interestingly, Medicare expects greater numbers to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019. Still, they also expect the choice of plans to decline in most areas as the market matures. While there may be some zero monthly premium options, it is likely that most of the highly rated plans will charge a modest premium. Medicare is changing the way they rate plans for next year, so that may put additional pressure on some companies.

In Maine, HMO’s will draw the most members. That is because an insurer can impose strict rules to control costs, but that helps reduce premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Still, there will be some PPO Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019 that offer more choices and will attract Medicare beneficiaries who enjoy more freedom to select their own specialists without needing referrals.

Medigap policies provide an option for people who prefer just simply to enhance their traditional benefits. Unlike Medicare Part C, they never come with no monthly premium or drug coverage. However, they also do not use medical provider networks and can be utilized anywhere Medicare can be used. Also, the more expensive supplements can significantly reduce the chance of having to deal with medical bills or out of pocket costs.

For folks in more rural parts of Maine, Medicare Advantage plans with limited provider networks can be an issue.

Very likely, they will be less of concern in the larger cities:

  • Portland
  • Lewiston
  • Bangor
  • West Scarborough
  • South Portland

Online Rates for Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine for 2019

It’s important to make a good comparison to find the best rates and plans in any local area. While some Maine counties might only have a few options, others may have several to choose from. To make this easy, we offer rates to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019. Just select your state from the box on this page to see competitive local options. We can help you compare Medicare Part C, Medigap, and Part D insurance. ┬áCall today if you’d like to speak to a licensed Medicare specialist to assist with your search for the best plan.