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Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019

In the Land of Lincoln, about 1.6 million senior citizens and disabled people rely upon Medicare for their health coverage. However, most of these beneficiaries know that Part A and B of Original Medicare leaves many coverage gaps. That is why about 30 percent of the recipients will probably review Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019 during this fall’s open enrollment period. The rest may choose Medigap or some other kind of health coverage that works with Medicare.

Is it difficult to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois for 2019 or Part D? If so, our fast and straightforward Medicare insurance quote form can help. Just begin by selecting your state from the quote box on this page.

Best Companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019

To find the best Medicare Advantage plans, you might want to consider some of the largest Illinois insurance providers:

What’s different about Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in Illinois for 2019? For one thing, the government has allowed a 3.40 percent payment increase. However, this barely keeps Medicare Advantage payments over original Medicare, so many insurers will be looking for ways to pass on costs to members. This difference could mean fewer zero premium Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois, and also a reduction in benefits or a trimming of PPO and HMO plan networks. While premiums are still affordable, it is always important to review plans every year even if members have been happy with their choice in the past.

On the other hand, Medicare supplement insurance always has a premium. While there are not any zero monthly premium Medicare supplements, there are supplements that provide significant benefits to help beneficiaries avoid most out-of-pocket expenses. Those recipients who need to use their health insurance frequently for 2019 may find this to be a better option.

Also, most Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois for 2019 use a provider network to help them control costs. With an HMO, members should almost always use this network. Supplements don’t use networks, and PPOs offer more flexibility. It is likely that the Medicare Advantage plan networks will be larger in these major Illinois cities:

  • Chicago
  • Aurora
  • Rockford
  • Joliet
  • Naperville
  • Springfield

Quick Facts About Illinois Medicare Beneficiaries

These are some things to know about Illinois Medicare recipients:

  • Number of Medicare recipients: 1,569,800
  • Percent of Illinois residents 65 and up by the last census: 13.5

Comparisons of Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019

You might just want to see if your old Medicare Advantage plan choice is still the right one for you. In other cases, you may still be trying to decide between Medigap and a Medicare Advantage plan in Illinois for 2019. In any case, you can use our online quote system to get help.

Select your state from the web form to begin.  Also, we recommend that you take a few minutes of your time and give us a call.  You can get competitive rates and speak with a qualified representative. We hope to help as many Illinois Medicare recipients as possible make the best use of their valuable health benefits.