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Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019

The Peach State is home to about 1.4 million Medicare beneficiaries, and hundreds of thousands of them will want to consider Medicare Advantage plans during open enrollment in the fall. While the government believes at least thirty percent of all recipients will compare Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019, about twenty-five percent will probably choose Medigap. Since Part A and B of original Medicare have lots of coverage gaps, most of the rest of the state’s recipients will rely upon another private or public coverage plan.

If you would like to make the best use of your Medicare benefits, you can use our convenient quote tool to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019 and policy options. Just select your state from the box above to begin.

Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019

In Georgia, these major insurance companies offer Advantage, Medigap, and drug plans:

Of course, there are also smaller insurers that only operate in certain regions. In some cases, they may provide a good solution for people who like using their local PPO or HMO networks. As a whole, all private insurers may face pressure to keep costs down because the amount of Medicare Advantage plan payments has decreased so that it is only a little higher than those provided by original Medicare. This pressure may get passed on to members who have Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019 in the form of fewer zero premium MA options and reductions in some benefits.

While a low or no monthly premium Medicare Part C plan might sound attractive to Georgia seniors and disabled people who need to live on a tight budget, Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia are not the right answer for everyone. On the other hand, Medicare supplement insurance always has a premium. However, some supplements provide a broad range of benefits that may reduce or eliminate other medical bills. People who need to use their health insurance often might find that a supplement will save them money in the long run.

Another consideration for most Medicare beneficiaries is the plan network of an MA HMO or PPO. Supplements don’t rely upon these networks at all. On the other end of the spectrum, people who belong to an HMO need to get almost all of their medical services from a plan provider. Because of rising costs, some doctors may leave networks next year, so beneficiaries should always compare Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019 to make sure that they still include their favorite doctors and other medical providers.

It is likely that the biggest choice of network doctors and hospitals will be available to people in these major Georgia cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia for 2019

If you want a zero monthly premium Medicare Advantage plan in Georgia or a robust Medicare supplement, you can use our quick and straightforward online Medicare insurance quote system to help you shop for the right option. The form just needs you to select your state to get started.

We always recommend that you take your time and fully understand the Medicare Advantage plan benefits in Georgia for 2019 as well as the network providers, and medications that are covered.  If you would like assistance, you can also find phone numbers if you’d rather chat with a Medicare insurance agent who is licensed to work in Georgia.