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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Delaware for 2019

Delaware may be nicknamed “The Small Wonder,” but over 150,000 Medicare beneficiaries live here in this state. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, at least 50,000 of these people will be eager to compare Medicare Advantage plan in Delaware for 2019. While about one-third of U.S. beneficiaries are expected to join Medicare Advantage plans, another one-fourth to one-fifth will either purchase or renew a Medigap policy.

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Medicare Advantage Plans in Delaware for 2019

While no significant changes are expected to Medicare Advantage plans in Delaware, a lot of smaller changes may impact some beneficiaries. For example, CMS expects to see fewer policy choices on the market for next year. The average number of different options for each recipient has been shrinking from an average of almost 50 to about 20 over the last six years. That is in spite of the fact that a larger percentage of beneficiaries are expected to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans than ever before.

As the number of plans shrinks, the major insurance companies bring in members in greater numbers. These Delaware insurers are predicted to enroll the most members in 2019:

It seems that the larger companies are the ones with a chance to remain competitive during this time when medical prices keep rising, and the government puts more pressure on insurers to reduce payments. However, some members that have a Medicare Advantage plan in Delaware for 2019 may find that their HMO or PPO provider network has gotten smaller as some doctors refuse to accept the new terms.

That also means that there will probably be fewer no monthly premium HMOs in some Delaware counties for 2019. Still, HMOs are predicted to be the most popular kind of Medicare Advantage plan. They are followed in popularity by local PPOs and regional PPOs. HMOs impose restrictions that help companies keep costs lower, but PPOs still manage costs and offer more flexibility.

For the most flexibility, over 20 percent of beneficiaries will probably still choose Medicare supplement insurance. Even though supplements always have a monthly premium and never include Part D, they are free from provider networks and can be used anywhere that traditional Medicare can be utilized.

In Wilmington, Dover, and Newark, and other larger cities in Delaware there are likely to be more Medicare Advantage plan choices of insurers, plans, and network providers. However, people who live in the smaller towns and rural areas might find options more limited in the coming year.

These larger cities are expected to be the centers for most provider networks and plans:

  • Wilmington
  • Dover
  • Newark
  • Bear
  • Middleton

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Delaware for 2019

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