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Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019

With all of the news about health reform, many of the approximately 600,000 Medicare recipients in the Centennial State may be turning to Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado for 2019. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, usually called CMS, expects about 200,000 of these Medicare-eligible people to sign up for Advantage during open enrollment in the autumn. Even people who already belong to a plan should take the chance to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado during this time. Insurers are likely to change premiums, benefits and provider networks as they do every year.

Why not take the opportunity to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado for 2019 online? To get started, just pick Colorado from the quote box on this page.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019

Of course, Part C, Medigap, and Part D all come from private insurance companies that are licensed and approved to market their policies in this state. While signing up for Medicare Advantage plans have become a much more attractive option in the last five years, the number of Colorado Medicare Advantage insurance companies that offer them seems to be dwindling. These giant companies are expected to take the most enrollments in this state for 2019:

Along with fewer Colorado Part C options, it is likely there will be fewer no monthly premium HMOs. Premiums probably still are going to remain affordable, but more beneficiaries might consider PPOs if they’re going to have to pay a premium either way. While local HMOs are still the most common kind of Medicare Advantage plan in Colorado for 2019, local PPOs are second.

Of course, Medicare supplement insurance still has a share of the Medicare insurance market. Between one in four and one in five Colorado beneficiaries are expected to buy or renew a Medigap policy. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, you will not find any “no zero monthly premium” Colorado supplements, beneficiaries can choose from a variety of different plan levels with different premiums. For some, the fact that supplements don’t use networks, provide very stable benefits and may offer comprehensive coverage is still a benefit.

Comparisons will vary by region within the state. For example, these larger metro areas are likely to provide the most Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado for 2019 with larger provider networks:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019

The one unchanging aspect for 2019 is that one particular Medicare Advantage plan will not be best for everyone who qualifies for Part A and Part B of Medicare. We offer fast online quotes to help you find the best rates and right coverage for yourself. All you need to do is select your state from the quote box on this page to get started. We hope to help many residents make good Medicare Advantage plan choices in Colorado for 2019 and beyond.