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Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona for 2019

In the Grand Canyon State, almost a million people rely upon Medicare to help them control medical expenses. However, most recipients realize that Part A and B of original Medicare won’t pay for everything. According to estimates, about a third of these beneficiaries will compare Medicare Advantage plans for Arizona for 2019 to enhance their existing benefits. Most others will either consider Medicare supplement insurance or have another type of public or private coverage.

We can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona, Medicare supplement insurance, and Part D online with our quick quotes. To begin your Medicare insurance comparison, simply pick your state from the drop-down menu above. In just a moment, you can compare competitive plans right on your computer screen or cell phone.

Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona for 2019 – Best Companies

These are some of the largest insurers that offer different choices for Arizona Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019:

While the government is allowing Medicare Advantage plans a small pay increase of 3.40% for 2019, payments to doctors are still somewhat higher than those allowed by traditional Medicare. This disparity means that there will probably be fewer Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona for 2019 with no monthly premiums, and those that are left may require more cost-sharing and have smaller networks.

Also, companies may offer more HMOs than other kinds of Medicare Advantage plans, because of these plans control costs better. There is also a chance that doctors will continue to leave networks, meaning plan members may have fewer choices. With a Medicare Advantage HMO, plan members almost always have to use network health providers to get covered services.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona for 2019 vs. Medigap

While there are no zero monthly premium Medigap policies, supplement rates might not be as high when compared to other plans in Arizona since they also offer broader benefits. Of course, you also have to purchase stand-alone Part D drug coverage with supplements, but this plan also provides freedom from HMO or PPO Medicare Advantage plan network restrictions and usually has consistent benefits from year to year.

Arizona Medicare Statistics for 2019

These are some interesting facts about Arizona beneficiaries:

  • AZ. Cities with the most beneficiaries: Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale,
  • Percentage of AZ. Population 65 and over: 15.4
  • Number of AZ. Beneficiaries: 961,500

Which Medicare Advantage Plan in Arizona for 2019 is Best for You?

There isn’t one best option for every Medicare recipient in Arizona. Good choices might depend upon the plans that are available in your city, your health needs, and the way that you would prefer to get health care. While some beneficiaries are happy to join a no monthly premium Medicare Advantage plan in Arizona for 2019, others don’t mind paying more every month for broader coverage.

To help individuals make healthy choices for themselves or elderly or disabled people in their family, we offer a convenient online quote form. Simply enter your state in the form on this page. You can also give us a call for immediate assistance with comparing your Arizona Medicare Advantage plans.  We hope to help as many Arizona Medicare recipients as possible find quality coverage at an affordable price.