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Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama for 2019

For many of the over 800,000 Medicare recipients in the Yellow Hammer State, open enrollment is a time to consider Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama for 2019. Because original Medicare leaves a lot of coverage gaps, almost all recipients try to enhance their benefits with additional coverage. About one in three are predicted to compare Medicare Advantage plans, a little less than one in four will buy Medigap policies, and most of the rest have some other kind of coverage.

The toughest thing about having Medicare these days is finding the best Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama for 2019 to enhance benefits. By using our quick quote forms that require only your state selection to use, you can begin your search.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama for 2019 – Best Companies

One thing to notice is that the number of Medicare Advantage plans has been dropping dramatically in the last five years. Mostly, the largest insurance companies have still stayed in the market. In Alabama, these companies are likely to cover the most beneficiaries in 2019:

For example, average recipients in 2009 had about 48 plans to choose from in each service area. By 2015, that number had dropped to 18. Of course, people who live in the larger cities are likely to have more choices of both plans and network providers.

Individuals who live in these more major cities may have the most selection of Alabama Medicare Advantage plans in 2019:

  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Mobile
  • Huntsville
  • Tuscaloosa

Because of continued price pressure between the market and the government, Medicare Advantage plan insurers may be passing costs to members more. The number of zero monthly premium HMO plans in Alabama has dropped, but local HMOs are still the most common and popular type of Part C option for 2019. Second and third in popularity are local and regional PPOs. While HMOs do the best job of keeping costs down for both the insurance company and the member of the Medicare Advantage plan, PPOs also help and offer more flexibility. “No monthly premium PPOs” exist, but they are rare.

As for Medicare supplement insurance policies, over 20 percent of recipients still opt for one of these policies for 2019. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama for 2019, Medigap levels have been standardized since the 1990s, so there is no need to check those every year. Of course, supplements always have a monthly premium and never come with additional benefits, so recipients have to buy separate drug plans. Still, some seniors and disabled people find that they will continue to save money and enjoy the most flexibility even after paying a premium.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama for 2019

It isn’t always easy to figure out which Medicare Advantage plan option will help provide access to secure health providers and control costs. The right decision might be based on the beneficiary’s medical needs, financial situation and personal preferences.

In any case, our quick and simple online quote form can help you uncover quality local option for Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama. All you need to do is supply the quote form with your state to begin!