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Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

The good news is that the government has agreed to a 3.4 percent payment increase for Medicare Advantage plans for 2019. That might not sound like a lot, but it is better than the benchmark payment decrease that many consumers and insurance companies feared. Other good news for next year is that insurers intend to emphasize quality plans because consumers are paying attention to the Medicare rating system that gives each plan from one to five stars for quality. The proportion of high-quality plans is expected to increase as the percentage of plans that fall below average should decline.

It can be tough to shop for the right Medicare Advantage plans for 2019, but we hope to make that task much easier. Within seconds, you can select your state from the quote box and compare Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 on the next page. If you are new to Medicare or considering Advantage plans, this quote system can help you save time.

Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019 – Top Companies

Judging by trends, the total number of average Medicare Advantage plans and insurance companies per Medicare beneficiary will also continue to decline as it has over about the past five years. With the expectation of greater attention to quality, this may not be bad news. One recent criticism of the current Medicare system is that it gives beneficiaries so many choices that it can be difficult to make the best one.

Expect to see these national companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 to take the greatest share of the market in:

Even though there are probably going to be fewer plans in the next year, the government expects, even more, Medicare beneficiaries to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans for 2019. This year, about one in three recipients joined Advantage, and the ranks of members increased by over one million. To summarize, fewer plans will enroll more members. On the positive side, members should expect better quality.

As you compare plans, you will probably find that insurers promote HMOs the most. An HMO usually does the best job of keeping expenses under control, and they may be cheaper for consumers too. However, with an HMO, the member has almost always to use a network health provider. PPOs are also expected to take a market share as some beneficiaries would rather pay a little more to reserve the option of paying more for out-of-network services and not needing a referral to see a specialist.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 With Part D

Also, most HMOs and PPOs will continue to include Part D, but a few might not. PFFS Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 seldom include drug benefits, but these are not as popular as HMOs and PPOs for other reasons. At first, insurers thought that people would like to join a Medicare Advantage plan that didn’t require a network. However, they are more confusing to use than HMOs and PPOs, and this might be why they never really caught on.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 Online

There isn’t any way to suggest one good plan for everybody. Across the country, there are too many differences between insurers, provider networks, and even premiums. To help our visitors compare plans to find good choices for themselves, we offer a very easy online tool.

To use this quote system, just pick your home state from the quote box on top of the page. In moments, you should see several offers from local insurers and agencies. Just select any of these offers to learn more about the products and services they offer. You can also get quick quotes and contact details. We work hard to help our visitors understand their options for Medicare Advantage plans in 2019.